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Special deals for that special person in your life: Altitude Plus membership


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14 Months membership

Offer comprises 14 months membership of Altitude Plus, where members can save hundreds of pounds, all for just £14

Gift a special someone this special membership package:

Membership of Altitude Plus

Great deals from top UK retailers

Up to 55% off cinema tickets

Earn WOW points

Save on a huge range of vouchers and gift cards for supermarkets, department stores, fashion, and much more


14 months membership for just £14

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What happens next?

An overview of the process and offer

All memberships become effective 14 February 2018

We will email all Recipients to advise them of your gift on February 14th, 2018. Email will explain the offer and reveal your name as Purchaser.

Recipient will receive Altitude Plus joining instructions by email, early in March.

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Terms, conditions and other information

Who can buy this?

Anyone can purchase this gift. The offer has been targeted at BA staff and BA Clubs members, but it is not a pre-requisite that you are employed by BA, nor a member of BA Clubs.

Are there any restrictions?

All recipients must provide a UK postcode. It is not necessary that they live in the UK though, just provide a UK postcode.

How many gifts can I give?

You can only purchase one gift per transaction, however you can complete multiple transactions.

How does the Recipient learn about my gift?

We will email all Recipients on Valentine’s Day, informing them of the gift and of the donor. This email will also include joining/activation instructions.

How does the Recipient get access to Altitude Plus?

We will supply a datafile of all Recipients to the organisation that administers Altitude Plus and they will email each Recipient with activation details.

What happens after 14 months?

As the end of the 14 month membership period approaches, BA Clubs will contact each Recipient to offer them the opportunity to continue their membership.

How much is membership after the 14 month period?

After the 14 month introductory offer has expired, this membership is offered at £15 per calendar year.

Can I give this to people living overseas?

There is no requirement to be resident in the UK, however you will need to provide a UK postcode for the recipient.

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14 months membership for just £14

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